BORNEO WILDLIFE ADVENTURE SDN. BHD. a TOUR COMPANY Established on 23rd September, 1984 and Officially Registered on 21st November, 1987 with the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism, Malaysia.

BORNEO WILDLIFE specializes in NATURE TOURISM as its core direction since establishment. In fact, Borneo Wildlife Adventure is the PIONEER in Nature Tourism in Sabah-Borneo, Malaysia. It’s also the WINNER of the MALAYSIAN TOURISM GOLD AWARD 1991 for the BEST TOUR PACKAGE on “RIVERINE & CAVE SAFARI”.

BORNEO WILDLIFE creates and maintains local as well as Global Communal Enthusiasm to Respect for Nature, Contributes to Educational Activities of Various Levels and Shoulders the Responsibility of Nature Conservation and Sustainable Tourism.


A journey to meet Borneo’s exotic nature and wildlife will be an unforgettable experience obtainable once in a life time. Books and magazines have illustrated us and films have produced expectations but whatever it is, taking a short or long vacation allows once the chance to discover the wonders of nature still unspoilt.

“To share and experience our natural heritage surely contributes further towards world conservation and environmental development”
Danny Chew